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How to Get UAE Nationality?

February 03, 2021

On Saturday 30th January 2021, the vice president of UAE Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid passed a news-breaking law granting Emirati citizenship to specialized talents, scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, authors, etc. This new law is great news for people willing to avail career opportunities in Dubai and settle down in the exotic city. Moreover, another prominent change in the law is that people who apply for UAE nationality along with their family can retain UAE nationality along with their original nationality giving them a chance to become dual citizens.

Why the sudden change in law and who is eligible to apply?

UAE has passed this new law intending to attract talented personalities such as Investors, doctors and specialists, scientists, intellectuals, and talented individuals such as artists so that they can contribute to the development of the country and achieve a new level of excellence with the help of their expertise. However, all applicants must prove their eligibility.

Investors must own a property in UAE.

Medical professionals must be specialized in a unique field and scientists must have a

Professional experience of at least 10 years along with scientific contributions,

Active researches, and membership in a reputable institution.

Inventors must have a recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry along with at least one patent approved by the Economy of a reputable country or the UAE ministry and creative talents must prove their eligibility by presenting a recommendation letter from related government entities along with winning one or more international award in art and culture fields.

What is the process of achieving UAE nationality?

The Immigration and Citizenship process can move forward only if one gets nominated by the Rulers, Executive Councils, Crown Princes’ Courts, or the Cabinet based on Federal entities’ nominations.

Moreover, if one is successful in qualifying they must fulfill other requirements such as promising to follow Emirati laws, swearing the oath of allegiance, and being honest to the government agency about losing or obtaining any other citizenship.

UAE giving citizenship to foreigners is a big step for the country however, the citizenship can be withdrawn if any rules or conditions are violated.

Other methods of achieving long time residency in the UAE?

Golden Visa

In 2019, UAE introduced a permanent residency scheme where they choose to grand 5 and 10 year Golden Visas to individuals belonging from certain groups of residents such as investors, students, medical professionals, and Entrepreneurs, etc. The 5-year long-term visa costs around AED 650 whereas the 10-year long-term visa can cost around AED 1000. Moreover, there are some conditions one must meet to eligible for these long-term visa programs such as the amount you invest must be retained for at least 3 years and it should not be loaned. Also, the applicant should have financial solvency of up to AED 10 million.

how-to-get-uae-nationality. Before this citizenship was only offered to Children of Emirati fathers and the wives of Emirati men. However, it took years for the children of Emirati mothers married to foreigners to get citizenship. Hopefully, this new law will open up some remarkable career opportunities for Non-Emirati citizens and take UAE to a new level of excellence.


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