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Al Manara Rd. 1, Warehouse #3, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE

Why Dubai Airport is so popular?

January 12, 2021

Dubai is known for being one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations because of its iconic record-breaking infrastructure and the long list of world-class tourist attractions. This is one of the reasons why Dubai airport is so popular and is considered to be the world’s busiest airport for international travel. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Dubai airport has become a popular destination for travelers.

Home to Emirates

Dubai airport is home to one of the world’s most top class airlines ‘Emirates’. Emirates Airline is the largest airline in the Middle East operating around 3600 flights per week from Dubai Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is known as the largest airport terminal in the world and the second-largest building throughout the globe.

Addition of new innovative features

Dubai is known for investing in the latest technological advances to give the residents and tourists the best experience. Dubai airport is known to be the busiest airport and to make sure that the travelers do not have to stand in long queues the airport authorities have installed features like smart gates that can save the passenger’s time as they can just use their Emirates ID’s to pass through without having t get their passports stamped.

Scrumptious food options

Dubai airport is packed with restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine options from around the world to cater to all kinds of customers. The diverse range of restaurants such as Treehouse juicery, The daily DXB, Nutella Café, Mc Donalds and Jones the Grocer, etc are there at the Dubai airport to satisfy all your food cravings. The cafes next to the departure gates are the perfect spot for passengers to relax while they wait for their flights.

Perfect spot for retail therapy

Travelers can explore the different duty-free shops and boutiques spread throughout the airport to buy last-minute presents and souvenirs. Various high-end luxury brands such as Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, and Chanel, etc are spread throughout the airport offering their products at discounted rates. Travelers can also stock up on their beauty and cosmetic favorites or treat themselves to new gadgets and cellphones at discounted prices.

luxurious lounges

Travelers get to enjoy the luxurious and relaxing first class and business class lounges. Some lounges are open for passengers traveling with specific airlines such as emirates whereas other lounges are present to accommodate any business or first-class passenger. Dubai lounge offers various facilities such as spa service, cinema room, complimentary high-speed wifi, and international cuisine options, etc. Book yourself luxury lounges at the Dubai airport ahead of time to relax before takeoff.

Various relaxing options

Dubai airport has gone above and beyond to make sure that all passengers traveling through the airport have a smooth and great experience. DXB offers various amenities and massage facilities that passengers can enjoy before getting on their flights. Some of the amenities include baggage storage, prayer rooms, smoking lounges, showers, and free high-speed wifi, etc.

Indoor oasis and Zen Gardens

Travelling can be tiring and challenging for people battling issues like depression and anxiety. Dubai Airport has some beautiful Indoor oasis and Zen gardens that can be the perfect spot for people who want to meditate and enjoy some time away from the crowd.

Fun Activities for Kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging and keeping that in mind DXB has created a family zone in Terminal 3 where adults can relax in the comfortable seating while their kids enjoy free of cost features such as trampolines, bounce, and basketball court, etc. This family zone is surrounded by various restaurants offering delicious food options for adults and kids.


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Al Manara Rd. 1, Warehouse #3, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE