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Luxury rental cars in Dubai

Al Manara Rd. 1, Warehouse #3, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE

7 tips for renting luxury cars in Dubai that no one will tell you

November 11, 2019

Dubai is an ultramodern city, one of the 10 most popular cities in the world, offering its guests a rich range of entertainment and services. Here you will find something to your liking, from a picturesquely walk along the beach line to outdoor activities, including extreme sports. Whatever you choose to do, an important aspect is the choice of a way of moving around a city that stretches along the coast of the Gulf on an area of ​​more than 4 000 sq. km. And definitely, visiting such a luxurious place, wouldn’t you like to drive one of the outstanding luxury cars presented here for the most sophisticated look and taste.

1. You choose, you are chosen.

Renting a luxury car is relative with high risks for the owners of a car, the cost of which can sometimes reach several million dollars. The maximum income of the company for 1 day of rent may not cover even a tenth of the possible damage in case of any incident, so sometimes companies set high prices on extra conditions, or even refuse to provide services. When communicating with a competent employee of the company about booking a car, try to be diplomacy and respectful in order to get best contract conditions!

2. Total budget is not only car rental price, but particularly is details of the contract.

It’s a secret (No) that when you come to Dubai, you forget about everything, surrendering into its captivating aromas of luxurious life. Still, it’s worth paying a little attention to the details of the rental agreement, such as the daily mileage included in the daily price, the cost of extra mileage, the charges on Toll Roads, the rental period of the car, and what additional costs will be incurred in case of return later than the deadline, as well as the cost of possible traffic fines. Typically, companies clearly prescribe all additional expenses items and their cost, and you just have to carefully take note of everything that you put a signature on. More sensations – more expenses.

3. Delivery across Dubai at most luxury car rental companies is free of charge.

The luxury car rental market segment has brought many pleasant innovations to this industry. Now, booking a car for a specific period with a date and time, you can surely ask to deliver the car directly to the place where you are located or going to be at the start of rental. This also applies to arrivals at the international airport: most companies will deliver you a car, if not to the ramp, then directly to the exit from the terminal absolutely free. The same applies to the process of returning the car. By the way, in case of arrival in neighboring cities (Abu Dhabi or Sharjah), the cost of delivering a car from Dubai will not much expensive than moving with group or possessions, but certainly much more comfortable.

4. At the start of rental check exterior of the car and interior.

As it happens, when you see the car of your dreams, it is breathtaking and full of emotions from the anticipation of the upcoming trip. And it’s just that the human factor sometimes brings a certain amount of unpleasant minutes of argument and determination “whether this scratch was there or not”. The responsible employee of the company at the time of delivery may miss a particular defect on the car body, and you, using the car in a new place for you, or, without having sufficient driving experience with this particular car, may simply not notice a touch, for example, of a rim with a border or body with fencing elements. As a result – a mood is spoiled and a damage charge may seem unfair to you. Spend a few extra minutes to thoroughly check the condition of the car and record all the results in a bilaterally signed agreement.

5. Follow the Traffic Rules, especially the speed limits.

It would seem that obvious advice, compliance with traffic rules is by default clear to any driver. But we would like to telling you specifically about speeding. Indeed, in Dubai you will not meet police officers standing on the sidelines and waving a rod. And even a passing Road Service Patrol car is unlikely to ever stop you. But make no mistake, Dubai police are equipped with the most advanced technology for fixing traffic violations, whether it is speeding or missing seat belt. And given the excellent condition of the roads, long highways and the “herd of horsepower” under the bonnet, just wants to make the most of that. Well, most importantly, don’t forget about the ubiquitous means of fixing speeding and considerable fines, which can sometimes reach the amount of daily rent of the car itself.

6. One more time about parking +Lifehack.

Like most modern cities, driving your own car (or rented), you better plan in advance about the location of parking at the place of arrival. And if you don’t have any problems with malls, since all large shopping centers have free parking spaces, then in case of public and entertainment places, don’t forget to pay for 1, 2 or 3 hours of parking immediately when leaving the car. You can do this in any way convenient for you: by SMS (if your local number is connected), by sending SMS to a short number 7275 with a car number, a parking place and the number of hours (format of this message: “N12345 XXXС 1”), or by purchasing in the automatic parking terminal a ticket for 2 dirhams / hour and placing it neatly under the windshield.

Lifehack: If you plan to park a lot, then instead of a bulky iron trifle with a nominal value of 1 UAE dirham, you can get a NOL card, top it up with required amount and pay with it for parking tickets in the same terminals.

7. When planning a car rental, check the weather forecast.

Perhaps the most unexpected advice is to check the weather forecast in Dubai (!). Of course, this applies to the period of popular tourist seasons, but don’t forget that we live in an ever-changing world, and the weather in different parts of the world sometimes gives us unexpected surprises. And now add here the most popular car models with a convertible top, a tight booking schedule for the season (i.e. the inability to postpone the period of your rental) and the considerable cost of the car rental itself, and this advice will no longer seem to make no sense. Based on true stories…

Safe to you road, fair weather and bright unforgettable sensations!


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