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May 02, 2021
Car Rental Terms and Conditions

Car Rental Terms and Conditions | The present terms and conditions include a binding arbitration clause and a waiver of class action rights that affects your rights to dispute resolution. So please read these terms and conditions carefully.

1. The Hirer accepts the terms and conditions of this Rental Contract in full and has received a copy of them.

2. The Hirer has received the vehicle in question and its equipment in a good and safe condition.

3. The Hirer undertakes to return the vehicle to the Rental Firm at the agreed time and place as agreed, or earlier if the Rental Firm so wishes. If the vehicle is not returned at the agreed time, 1/3 of the daily rate will be charged for each hour of delay.

4. Accidents, Theft, Vandalism and Damage:

  • Renter must immediately report any traffic accident, scratch, and collision, theft of the vehicle or stolen parts, and/or any other incident involving the vehicle.
  • Without authorization from your agency and the presence of the police, the renter cannot assume responsibility or dismiss the other party from the accident at their discretion. The Hirer must immediately notify the company, the police and the insurance company of the accident and then follow the instructions. If the hirer fails to follow these instructions, he remains fully responsible for the damage and circumstances. The team at your agency will assist you at all times.
  • In case of an accident or case of theft and/or vandalism, the Hirer must immediately notify the police and the company and, if the police are present, fill in all necessary documents. When returning the rental car, the hirer must present a copy of the protocol completed at the time of the accident. If the police report is missing, the renter remains fully liable for the damage.
  • The renter must keep the car keys, official documents, and remote control and anti-theft devices in a safe place. If the vehicle is stolen, the renter is obliged to return all these items to the agency’s representatives.
  • The renter must work closely with the company, police and insurance company to assist in the investigation of the car accident/error/vandalism. If the tenant ignores and fails to comply with this clause, they will remain fully liable, both financially and legally.
  • In the event of certain impediments, such as darkness, weather conditions, time and/or location of return of the vehicle, dirt on the vehicle, that make it impossible for the Company’s representative to determine the loss of parts and/or damage to the vehicle, your agency has the right to collect the loss or damage within 48 hours, if so determined.

5. Parking fees and fines:

Car Rental Terms and Conditions

By signing the Rental Contract, the Hirer acknowledges that he/she accepts full responsibility for all traffic and parking fines during the term of the Rental Contract and all other breaches of the law and their consequences.

If the Hirer obtains traffic or parking ticket during the term of the Hire Agreement, the Hirer must provide a Company representative with proof of payment for the ticket.

If fines described in <<Parking Fees/Traffic Fines> are received after the Lease Term and paid by your Agency, the Renter will reimburse your Agency for the full amount of the fine, taxes and reasonable administrative costs.

The hirer may at any time request that the company provide a copy of the hire agreement, the police ticket and a receipt for your payment.

6. Delivery and collection of the hired vehicle:

  • The Company shall deliver the vehicle to the Hirer in good working order and general condition, clean and with a full tank of fuel, complete with all the necessary documents.
  • The Renter undertakes to return the vehicle in the same condition as before the rental, as specified in the rental agreement, taking into account natural wear and tear, returning the same documents and additional equipment.
  • The Hirer is obliged to check the condition of the vehicle at the time of handover by the Rental Firm and to confirm by his signature that it corresponds to the description in the vehicle handover/acceptance protocol, which constitutes an inseparable part of the Rental Contract. The Hirer confirms that during the rental period he/she is responsible for careful use following the technical description of the vehicle, the additional documents and accessories and safe driving.
  • The Hirer is obliged to return the vehicle to the location of his agency (or other location) specified in the Rental Contract within the working hours of the location. If the Renter returns the Vehicle outside of scheduled business hours, the Renter must comply with the after-hours return requirements for that location. If the Hirer returns the Vehicle after business hours, the Hirer will remain fully responsible for the Vehicle until the Company’s staff take possession of the Vehicle by signing the handover/acceptance form.
  • If the hirer fails to return the vehicle to the designated drop-off point at the time specified in the hire agreement, your agency will charge an additional daily rate on the hire charge after one hour’s delay. If the hirer fails to return the vehicle to the agreed location that is not in the center of your agency, or if it is after business hours, the hirer is fully responsible for the delivery or after-hours charges.

7. The Hirer agrees to pay all costs incurred by the Owner to collect from the Hirer. For security reasons, a credit card number or printout will be taken at the beginning of all rentals. It may be used to pay for any additional charges, including additional mileage, additional days, additional insurance, parking fees, refuelling, damages or other expenses incurred by the hirer for the use of the hire vehicle.


In case you cancel 15 or even more days before receipt:

  • You will pay nothing or be refunded 100% of the amount you have already paid.

If you cancel 14 days prior to pick up:

  • You pay 20% of the total amount or you are refunded 80% of the amount already paid.

If you cancel 48 hours before the pick-up time or do not show up:

  • You pay 80% of the total amount or you are refunded 20% of the amount already paid.

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