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Here Is Your Six Ways to Find Great Deals on Car Rental

April 28, 2021
Find Great Deals

Once you’ve booked your flight and hotel, now it’s time to reserve your dream car. Whether you want to drive along the beach, through winding mountains or through the cityscape, there are lots of ways to find great rental deals at crystalcar. Here’s some ways

  • Using Your mobile device

Try searching for a car from your mobile device using an app, as many car companies now offer mobile-only discounts. These deals appear when car companies have too many cars in stock, so sometimes they’re only available at the last minute.

  • Weekend rates can be great if you know when to go

Weekend rates can often be very cheap, but you need to know when to confirm pickup and delivery of the rental cars. The lowest prices are usually on Thursday afternoon and the car must be returned by Monday evening.

 Prices can vary significantly depending on destination, trip length and dates, so search and compare to find the best deals.

  • Book the smallest car you can drive

Smaller cars are booked more often, so rental companies often run out of spots and have to upsize to the next size without paying extra. At first, they may ask if you want to move to a larger class for X dollars a day, but even in that case they will offer you a larger car. And if they have a smaller car that you have confirmed and you need a larger one, you can almost always pay an extra premium.

Of course, you can get an upgrade if you’re a member of the agency’s loyalty program; the upgrade is a bonus they can offer to their favorite customers, and you can usually avoid the fee as well.

  • Check all car rental companies

Don’t settle for the big national chains, check the prices of smaller independent companies, which may have lower operating costs. Many smaller companies have off-airport facilities that allow them to save on overhead, which means you can save an average of 25% or more.

  • Understand your car rental contract

Sometimes contracts can include unexpected fees, such as juvenile fees, early departure fees or extra charges for using a car payment card.

Although understanding these rules can be daunting and in some cases requires legal training, knowing them can help avoid surprises when printing the receipt. Also, don’t forget to carefully inspect your car before you leave the dealership and record any damage with your dealer to avoid liability for those bumps later.

  • Don’t pay for more coverage than you need

Check with your personal auto insurance company and credit card Company to see how much insurance you already have. If your policy is already covered, you can avoid paying extra for office rental for things like collision, liability and theft of personal property.

These surcharges can range from $10 to $30 per day, depending on the vehicle. If you’re renting a car outside the UAE, check: many states have different mandatory insurance requirements, which can be a costly burden and may not be covered by your policy.


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