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Traveling to Dubai during Covid-19

November 28, 2020

With Christmas Holiday just around the corner, people are making their vacation plans so that they can end the rough year on a good note. However, it is challenging to have vacations in Covid as the virus continues to spread worldwide. If compared to other countries Dubai’s Covid cases are low and Dubai is open to tourists, so, if you are looking to travel to Dubai during Covid 19 this guide can help you plan a safe and fun trip for your family.



Even though Dubai is open to tourists, you will be required to take Covid 19 tests before traveling to Dubai and after landing. However, taking a Covid 19 test before traveling to Dubai is optional for people coming from Germany and the UK. All visitors are required to have a negative Covid 19 test in certificate form which must be in English or Arabic, handwritten certificates are not accepted. The test must be taken within the past 96 hours by a nationally recognized organization to be allowed to travel to Dubai. Children under the age of 12 and people with disabilities are free from the PCR test requirements.

What to expect on arrival?

 On arrival, the tourists are required to download and register on the Covid 19 Dubai international smart app. Check with your airline before travel to find out details about your country of departure so that you are prepared for everything as tourists coming from selected countries will be required to take additional testing on arrival. Everyone is required to wear masks in public with an exception of if you are eating, exercising, or in the car with your family members, you are also required to maintain at least 2-meter social distancing to ensure safety from the virus. Moreover, temperature checks are carried out in all public places like malls, restaurants, and airports, and public places are regularly sanitized.

How to stay safe

If you are traveling to Dubai by yourself or with the help of a travel agency, make sure to have advance hotel bookings as many hotels, resorts, and restaurants are taking in a limited amount of guests due to Covid restrictions and to make sure that they are not too crowded. Make sure to wear a mask and gloves at all times and sanitize yourself and your luggage bag when you reach the hotel. Avoid going to crowded places and base your trip around doing more fun outdoor activities such as exploring aquariums, visiting museums, going to the beach, basking in the sun near your hotel pool, or taking a stroll in the park.

How to make the most of the trip?

Dubai has a lot to offer to start from beautiful beaches, exotic water parks, lavish and extravagant shopping malls, and restaurants. However, during Covid, a limited amount of guests and visitors are being allowed in places like restaurants, cinemas, and water parks. So, plan and book your tickets and reservations in advance so that the trip goes smoothly. Some of the fun activities you can do in Dubai during Covid 19 are:

Head to the water park

Dubai Water Park

Water parks in Dubai are following all important safety measures and allowing 50% capacities, so you can do the bookings in advance and have a great time with your family.

Head to the beach

Dubai Kite Beach

Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so visit the beach and have a lovely evening.

Visit parks and nature attractions

Dubai Miracle Garden

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is advised for people to do open-air activities so you can visit beautiful places like Dubai Miracle Garden or take a stroll near the Dubai Water Canal.

Go Parasailing

Parasailing in Dubai

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience then you can go parasailing or paragliding and enjoy the amazing views of Dubai and the Arabian Sea.

Enjoy the desert safari

Dubai Safari

Dubai is known for its desert Safari as experiencing desert with joyful SUV’s so book yourself for a thrilling ride.

Visit the Sea Lion point

The sea lion point is a perfect place for animal lovers as you get a chance to interact with playful animals.

Head to the cinema

Dubai Cinema

Cinemas have also opened up in Dubai however only a limited amount of people are allowed in the cinema halls to maintain social distancing so make sure to book the movie tickets in advance.


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